IRA Property

IRA Property

The stock market is in shambles, the bond market doesn’t produce much … so where are you supposed to go to make a decent investment income? As an investor, an IRA property is a great way to produce solid yields without much risk to your investment. What we want to help you understand is how an IRA property is funded, how an IRA property is helpful for “less than reputable” renters, the IRA property scams to watch out for and why an IRA property is good for everyone involved.

Backed By An Individuals IRA Funds

An IRA property is fully backed by the individual’s IRA account funds and they are generally rent-to-own properties and or rental only properties. However, there are some IRA properties that are bought with the intention of flipping them (providing basic TLC and minor fixes) and relisting the properties for profit.

For the most part, an IRA property doesn’t cost much to begin with as many IRA funding accounts aren’t loaded. Even so, an IRA property doesn’t have to be a “slum house”; most are actually fairly new and updated. As a renter or potential homeowner, an IRA property should not be overlooked, especially if they have struggled to find a lender willing to work with them. IRA property owners tend to be more sympathetic and compassionate to “less than reputable” renters.

Homeowners With Bad Credit

An IRA property is great for individuals who cannot find a home loan, whether through their own fault or from outside influences. Maybe they do not have enough for a down payment, maybe they credit has been destroyed. For whatever reason, they are not “trustworthy” by credit and/or loan agencies. That’s why IRA properties are perfect for them.

For these individuals, the IRA property owner can “deem” the safe/trustworthy. When the IRA property owner does this, the potential renter/homeowner will be allowed to move in under certain restrictions. An IRA property is not much different from a regular rent-to-own or rental home. The main difference of an IRA property is the funding source. Of course, this doesn’tmatter much to the potential renter or homeowner. To them, an IRA property is nothing more than an opportunity that they might not have had otherwise.

Investors Beware Of Scams

Even though an IRA property is a great way to invest your funds, you still have to be aware of potential scams. One of the most common scams of an IRA property investment is when you give your IRA funds to a custodian that handles “self-directed” IRA.

IRA property scam artists will explain to you the “extra flexibility” that you have with an IRA property. They will explain how liquid your IRA funds will be. The problem you have to worry about is that they will liquidate your IRA funds and then run. If this happens, you might be able to get your money back, through legal recourse … but it could be a long, drawn out and expensive problem.see their latest news at

How To Stay Safe From Scams

In order to protect yourself from IRA property scams, you need to make sure that you do your research on the “custodial” individual or company. You need to see how long the IRA property company has been in business, if there are any complaints about them and then ask them for references. If you feel “uneasy” about them at any point, leave. It is better to pass on an opportunity than to be taken advantage of.

IRA Property

An IRA property is a great way to make good use of your investment funds. The markets aren’t doing great and the bond market pretty much sucks. The flexibility of an IRA property is a big “draw” and can be extremely lucrative. Of course, you need to make sure that you have all your ducks in a row first … don’t jump on the first ship out of port without doing some basic research.

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