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Self Managed Super Funds – Who takes charge when you die?

If you have your own Self-managed superannuation funds you are both an associate and a trustee (either singularly or as a director of the trustee company).

Individual Trustee

In this situation, your Personal Legal Representative (PLR) takes your place as trustee alongside the making it through a trustee.

If you have a Will, this will be your executor. (Usually, your partner if you are wedded).

The executor must be officially appointed as trustee and can in most cases resign when the deceased’s bill is finalised.

Corporate Trustee

If the trustee is a company, two documents need to be checked:

  • THE BUSINESS’S Constitution (Memo & Articles) to see if in reality 2 directors are needed (modern companies only require 1) and
  • The ultra funds trust deed to see what the types of procedures are for appointing a trustee in the event of the death of one of the customers.

In the normal system of things, the executor of your Will, will take on the directorship and cope with matters accordingly. This will be no concern when there is a surviving partner who is also a director of the Self-managed superannuation funds trustee company and is the beneficiary.

But what if:

  • The business requires 2 directors, and the partner is the executor? He or she can’t fill up a director’s role twice and so you are brief one director or
  • The spouse is not the first spouse of the deceased and there are children from prior relationships to consider. Understand that the law charges the trustee with complete discretion concerning how super funds are distributed at the fatality of an associate and the money can go to related functions such as partner, children, parents, grandchildren etc.UNLESS there’s a properly executed Binding Death Advantage Nomination.

It is also possible in this scenario for the surviving spouse to prevent your PLR from learning to be a director if the Self-managed superannuation funds trust deed is deficient in this field. Check more here!

And that means you should

  • Check the business’s Constitution so that it will work with your situation i.e. necessitating 1 or 2 2 directors and
  • Check your trust deed for the guidelines with regards to the death of any trustee and
  • Make sure you have properly executed Binding Death Benefit Nominations where applicable.

Effect of loss of life of the deceased’s excellent funds pension

When a self-managed super account is paying out a pension to a member, the assets supporting that pension are tax-free.

So if an associate balance includes cash and stocks, the interest and dividends on those possessions are not taxed. This also pertains to any capital benefits on property sales.

But once an associate dies, the pension ceases and the storyline changes significantly! Please continue reading to learn more.

Speak to us for benefit your fund!

The death of an SMSF member can have a substantial impact on the finance. The trustee has a variety of commitments, including those owed to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and the deceased person.

To learn how we can help with your

Self-managed superannuation funds when a trustee or member dies, please enquire online today and our experts in Do it yourself Managed Super Money will call you to go over your situation.

Note: excellent website is made for informational purposes only and should not be substituted for professional financial or taxation advice.

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